Thanks to increasing concerns about water contamination due to water runoff, much of the aviation industry has moved towards using a chemical dry wash in place of wet (or water) washing. As such, Immaculate Flight offers the dry wash as our standard exterior wash in every one of our locations around the United States.

Although not dry at all, aircraft dry washing is accomplished by utilizing OEM approved chemicals applied via spay bottles and microfiber towels. Specially designed, these chemicals ensure a bug-, carbon-, and oil-free surface without leaving contaminants most water sources (wash pits) are known for.

The best part may actually be the fact that a dry wash can be accomplished nearly anywhere, thus removing the requirement that your aircraft be towed to a wash pit. This means your wash can be accomplished in the hangar at home or even right on the FBO’s ramp while on the road.

In the end, a quality wash is no longer limited to certain airports and at the convenience of others.

Although losing favor thanks to ever-tightening EPA rules and regulations, when permitted, a wet wash is still a great way to clean your aircraft’s exterior from the rigors of flight. 

Using only OEM approved soaps (sorry no dish soap here), the exterior is first prepared to protect sensitive areas from water ingestion. This means static ports are covered and composite surfaces are identified to ensure minimal pressure is applied to your aircraft. Only then is the exterior cleaned from top to bottom using soft bristle brushes to agitate built up dirt and oils before the entire surface is hand wiped leaving behind a clean exterior that’s free of water spots.

NOTE: Wet washing is limited at many of our locations due to EPA regulations and airport restrictions. For those airports that do not allow wet washing, we are still able to perform a dry wash in place; however, for the most up to date listing of which airports allow Wet Washing, we encourage you to contact us.