My Favourite Cleaning Tools That I Will Never Leave Without

Using innovative and inexpensive cleaning tools can make your life much more manageable, save time, money and produce better results. Below I have outlined my favourite cleaning tools which I will never leave without when cleaning a clients aircraft.

Head Torch

Using a head torch has become an essential part of my detailing kit when polishing my client's cars and aircraft. The next time you look at the paint on your vehicle, in the light you will see micro scratches caused by washing the car and general wear and tear on the vehicle. While polishing, the aim is to remove these scratches, so being able to see where the scratches are and polish them out quickly, and unobtrusively is essential. Using a head torch increases the efficiency at which you can work and makes your job a lot easier. These products can be bought in most outdoor and hardware stores for less than $10.00.


Utilising a polisher is the number tool an avid detailer should purchase. It not only gives you far superior results in a shorter amount of time compared to doing it by hand, but it saves time and money in the long run. When hand polishing, you use much more polish and elbow grease to produce similar results. I recommend investing in a quality polisher such as Final Inspections Velvet Revolver polisher. However, many other brands manufacture comparable polishers, which can be purchased at your local hardware or car store.


On every job I go on, I will always use earphones or headphones to play music or listen to a podcast, which makes it more exciting and enjoyable. However, the real benefit for using either of these options is the ability to block out sound while polishing as this can be irritating and become painful after hours on hours of countless work. I recommend investing in a pair of quality noise-cancelling headphones, I use the Apple Beats Studio 3 pictured below, but the Bose QuietComfort headphones would be another great option.

Tooth Brush

A simple soft toothbrush is essential for every detailers toolbox.  Toothbrushes are great, they're virtually free, and the control is fantastic, heating the neck lightly allows the head to be angled, I have a dozen or so at any one time with straight, 30, 45 and 90-degree heads for cleaning anything from interiors to engine bays.

To get the toothbrush and an interior cleaner working together, spray the toothbrush head with 1-2 pumps and start agitating the material. 


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